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Add your voice to the list of people who support a permanent home to formerly homeless men and women. Your letter may be shared with politicians and others who will decide the fate of Centre 4800.

Why do you need my Postal Code?
Postal codes allow us to track which area of the city responses are coming from, and are required for letters/comments that may be used to support the SDAB appeal.

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A Solution for our City

What we want to do

It's no secret. Calgary is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Thousands of people are waiting for a place they can afford to call home. With nowhere to turn, many end up in emergency shelters. There is an urgent need for new options as our city continues the fight to end homelessness.

The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society (the Society) wants to continue to be part of the solution to the homeless crisis by providing safe, secure and appropriate housing for Calgarians.

Our Project

Our project would transform a hotel in northeast Calgary into an apartment building. Centre 4800 is not an emergency shelter. It will provide long-term, supportive housing for Calgarians.

Meet our Residents

Centre 4800 will be home to good folks who are in need of stable, supportive housing. Several units will also be available to the general public.

Working with Community

People who live around Centre 4800 have provided constructive feedback during more than 70 community engagement activities, which has helped shape our vision.

What you can do

Share with your friends

There is an urgent need for affordable housing options in Calgary. Our building currently sits empty, as hundreds of Calgarians sit on wait lists, and continue to rely on emergency shelters.

Our appeal of the Calgary Planning Commission's decision goes before the Calgary Subdivision and Development Appeal Board on March 22, 2016.

Help us make a difference. By adding your voice today, you will be part of the solution and help change lives.

How it will Help

We see firsthand many Calgarians who have no homes, and others who are at risk of losing their homes.
We believe it is critical that we all work together to end this crisis in our community, and Centre 4800 is part of the solution.

Letters of Support

Your donation helps us provide safe and secure long-term housing for Calgarians in need.


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