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Affordable Housing Project Revival
Larry's Story
Homeless Calgary Mother Spends First Family Day in Own Home
Drop In Launches Online Campaign for Centre 4800

Affordable Housing Project Revival

Courtesy of CTV News Calgary

Finding affordable housing is a constant challenge for many people in Calgary and those who are living in shelters face even more obstacles when they're ready to transition into their own apartment.

Munir Bakri moved to Calgary from Hamilton late last year to be closer to family and when his living arrangements fell through he found himself on the steps of the Calgary Drop-in and Rehab Centre.

Larry's Story

Courtesy of Branded Magazine
Written by: Hanna McLean

Larry lives in Sundial Apartments.

Looking at Larry now, you wouldn't assume he had lived a difficult life full of obstacles. But the reality is, the 66-year-old has experienced an existence with enough tragedy to fill up three lifetimes. The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society helped him get back on his feet, and into supportive housing. If approved, Centre 4800 would help more people like Larry.

Homeless Calgary Mother Spends First Family Day in Own Home

Courtesy of Global News

Through our housing programs, we are helping people like Karen Steele change their lives and reconnect with those who matter most. If approved, Centre 4800 would allow us to help more people like her. Learn more at and watch Karen's story on Global News here.

Drop In Launches Online Campaign for Centre 4800

Courtesy of Metro News
Written by: Brodie Thomas

With less than a month to go before an appeal is heard, the Calgary Drop-In Centre is launching a new campaign in support of Centre 4800.

Add your voice to the list of people who support a permanent home to formerly homeless men and women by signing a petition.

Your letter may be shared with politicians and others who will decide the fate of Centre 4800.

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